Tobii Eye Tracking Technology


ur lab hosts two Tobii eye-trackers which have a range of research and treatment applications. Eye tracking provides us with an insight into a range of critical processes such as attention and social cognition.



Our psychophysiology lab enables the measurement of electrocardiogram and skin conductance. Understanding the psychophysiology accompanying neurodiverse and mental health conditions allows us to better characterise their biological underpinnings. 






Brain imaging

We have a research agreement with i-Med Radiology in order to conduct research scanning on their 3 Tesla GE Discovery MR750 MRI, with visual and auditory stimuli presentations. 

In order to familiarise participants with the new experience of being in a scanner, we also have a mock scanner, which feels and sounds like a real scanner. You can learn more about having a MRI here.




Our psychopharmacology lab allows us to analyse biological samples (for example blood) for hormone levels. We have also established relationships with researchers overseas like Simon Gregory who are able to analyse blood samples for genetic markers, which means we are able to do research investigating the impact of genes on mental illness.



Behavioural observation laboratory

Observation LAb.jpg

Our behavioural observation lab is equipped with state of the art audio-visual recording devices, wireless physiological equipment, and a one-way observation mirror. We use the lab to observe children playing and interacting with others in a naturalistic setting. The physiological recording system allows us to measure heart rate, and other important responses during child-play.