Gail Alvares

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  Phone: +61 2 9114 4219

  Postal Address: Brain & Mind Research Institute,

  100 Mallett Street, Camperdown 2050


I completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) with the University Medal at the University of Sydney in 2008. I am currently completing a PhD examining the role of stress and anxiety in habit and goal-directed learning in healthy humans and patients with social anxiety. Other research interests include examining heart rate variability in anxious populations as a marker of symptom severity and treatment response, and investigating novel pharmacological treatments, such as the hormone oxytocin, and their effects on social behavior and cognition. I have previously been involved in coordinating various clinical trials implemented within our lab. Notably, I helped to coordinate an eight week treatment trial of oxytocin nasal spray for adolescents aged 12-18 years with autism spectrum disorders (currently being written up for publication). During my time in this lab, I have also assisted on various clinical trials of oxytocin and vasopressin in healthy adults and in various psychiatric populations, as well as a D-cycloserine clinical trial for social anxiety disorder. 


Peer-Reviewed Articles 

Book Chapters 

  • Van Zwieten, A., Alvares, G. A., & Guastella A. J. (in press) Chapter 47: Novel treatment approaches for anxiety disorders. In Neurobiology of Mental Illness 4th edition.
  • Alvares, G. A. & Guastella A. J. (in press) The neuroendocrinology of social anxiety disorder. In J. W. Weeks (Ed.) Wiley-Blackwell Handbook on Social Anxiety Disorder.
  • Guastella, A. J. & Alvares, G. A. (2012) Chapter 5: D-Cycloserine. In S. G. Hofmann (Ed.) Psychobiological Approaches for Anxiety Disorders: Treatment Combination Strategies