The research that we do is made possible by financial support from organisations such as the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and Australian Research Council (ARC), in the form of research grants that fund specific projects. Our current and previous research grants are listed below. Contact Adam for more information if you are interested in the outcomes of these projects or our goals for the future.


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  • Guastella, A.J., Whitehouse, A.W., Gregory, S. Oxytocin as a treatment for toddlers with autism, NHMRC Project Grant (2013-2015)
  • Guastella, A.J. Assessing markers of response to oxytocin as a treatment for autism. BUPA Foundation, (2012-2014). 



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  • Guastella, A.J, Langdon, R.A., Scott, E.M.,  Ward, P.B., Naismith, S.L., Redoblado Hodge, M.A. Examination of the cognitive and biological circuitry underlying social-cognitive training in first episode psychosis. ARC Linkage 2011-13.
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