Do you have a child (aged 3-5 years) with Autism Spectrum Disorder?

We are seeking children with Autism and their parent/guardian to participate in a research study we are conducting. The study is looking at the effectiveness of a new nasal spray in reducing social and behavioural difficulties in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The nasal spray is being studied in combination with an established social learning intervention, called the Parent-delivered Early Start Denver Model (P-ESDM). Children and their parents will attend a 12 week therapy program with a therapist, where they will learn how to use P-ESDM with their child at home. To participate, you and your child must be able to attend 5 study visits and 13 P-ESDM sessions at Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney over the course of 6 months.

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About this study

Participation involves:

  • Eligibility assessments (medical and behavioural)

  • Regular appointments at the Brain and Mind Centre, The University of Sydney during the 13-week study period and one follow-up appointment 3-months later

  • Parent questionnaires and interviews

  • Parent-child interaction tasks

  • Collection of biological information (blood, saliva, rhinomanometry)

  • Child-friendly eye-tracking tasks

To be eligible for this study, your child must:

  • Be aged between 3 and 5 years

  • Have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Not have any other severe genetic, physical or neurological conditions

Potential benefits to participating in this study include:

  • Participating in P-ESDM and learning new skills to use with your child.

  • Receiving verbal feedback on your child’s study assessments.