These videos have been designed to make participants and caregivers feel more prepared for their research visit. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

You can learn about:

1. Having a MRI with us

2. Participating in the child oxytocin trial

Having an MRI at the Brain and Mind Centre


In this video Maz, or Marilena, talks about what a MRI machine is and what to expect when you come in for a MRI to help you feel more prepared.

We're currently recruiting typically developing children for a study that includes MRI as well as including MRIs for the child oxytocin trial (more below). 

You can listen to the different MRI sounds below. The Localiser is the sounds the scanner makes while it takes a rough picture of your head, the T1 is when it takes a detailed picture of your brain and the particularly loud DTI is when the MRI images the white matter tracts, or highways, of the brain.

Our Child Oxytocin Trial


We've made this video about participating in our child oxytocin trial - to explain what to expect on the day! You can find out more on our "Current Trials" page